Grindstone Field Solutions

grindstone Field Solutions

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Grindstone Field Solutions

Connect. Learn. Engage.

Grindstone Field Solutions has a proven track record of implementing ambitious field programs, from local initiatives to federal campaigns. Grindstone provides clients with data-driven outreach strategies for political campaigns, issue advocacy, and membership recruitment.

We help you define your audience, find the best way to approach them, and help you implement an effective and efficient outreach strategy. 

Grindstone Field Solutions specializes in:

  • Targeted voter contact

  • Voter persuasion

  • Voter registration

  • Social program awareness

  • Information gathering and feedback

  • Program enrollment

  • Volunteer recruitment and retention

  • In depth training for staff and volunteers

  • Membership recruitment

  • Issue advocacy

At Grindstone, we pride ourselves in working with clients to develop ambitious outcomes and guarantee quality outreach. Our robust reporting and metrics will show you the power your campaign is having on the ground and demonstrate how we are maximizing each targeted contact.